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Community Aged Care Packages are available to residents living in the Dubbo, Narromine and Wellington Local Government Areas. For further information contact: Dubbo, Narromine, Wellington 251 Cobra Street, Dubbo NSW 2830

PO Box 5, Dubbo NSW 2830, Phone: 6884 9306 Facsimile: 6884 8794

For more Information about Baptist Community Services have a look at their website - Click here

What are Community Aged Care Packages?

Community Aged Care Packages assist older people living in the community to remain at home, by providing a range of services to meet their care needs. Community Aged Care Packages are provided by community organisations, such as Baptist Community Services, and are funded by the Commonwealth Government, Department of Health and Aged Care, phone: 1800 500 853.

The types of services that you may receive as part of a care package include: Assistance with personal care, housework, transport, meals, shopping, light gardening, social activities, maintenance and chaplaincy.

How much does it cost? A fee for this service will be negotiated with your Home Flexi Care Co-ordinator.

Every effort will be made to cater for people with special needs, for example, those who are vision impaired, hearing impaired or from Non English Speaking backgrounds.

Who can refer you to Home Flexi Care?

Anyone can refer you to Home Flexi Care, however, to receive a care package you must be assessed. Assessments are done by Aged Care Assessment Teams, who determine whether a care package is suitable.

Your local Aged Care Assessment Team is at Lourdes Hospital. They can see you in your own home or in hospital, phone: 6841 8500.

What are my rights?

You have the right:

To be involved in deciding which care services are most appropriate for your needs.

To be given enough information to help you make informed choices about the services you receive.

To be given a written care plan of the services that you will receive.

To receive services that take into account your lifestyle, cultural, linguistic and religious preferences.

To be able to take part in social activities and community activities as you wish.

To be treated with dignity and have your privacy respected.

To choose  a person to speak on your behalf for any reason, this includes advocacy services, phone: 9281 3600 or 1800 424 079.

To complain about the care being received, without fear of losing care or being disadvantaged ( a mechanism for this is contained in the agreement for service)

What are the responsibilities of the service provider?

To assist you and/ or your representative to make a decision regarding which services best suit your needs.

To provide you with a written agreement which clearly sets out your rights and obligations and those of Home Flexi Care.

To consult with you, your family or representative and explain the fees payable for the services you are receiving are appropriate.

To treat you and your home with dignity and respect.

To deal with the issues you raise fairly, promptly, confidentially and without retribution.

To refer you to other services if we can no longer meet your needs

It is important to know that the services provided are flexible and can change as your needs change. An emergency response service (CareCall) is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.